~ Submit your questions to Timothy Gaines! We are doing another Exclusive Interview with Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines, and this time you get to ask the questions! Head over to submit yours now!
~New Contest finally online! Click the banner above or HERE for more information.

~ Reign Radio has just posted their new interview with Timothy Gaines. Check it out here…

~ SFN Radio’s Top 15 Tracks for this week have just been posted. Click here for more info…

~ A new 30 minute broadcast has just been added to SFN Radio! Tune in every night at 7pm PST to hear the best Stryper covers out there. This broadcast will feature covers by artists such as: Deliverance, Disciple, Powergod, Thy Majestie and more!

~ Pray for Blissed/David Pearson! The following was taken from
“PLEASE PRAY,  David’s home has flooded!  The recording studio has suffered massive damage, along with large amounts of David’s personal belongings including his guitars and drums, paintings and Collection of Vintage Star Wars memorbillia.  This is a huge setback for the band and we need God to intervene as the Insurance Companies are already back pedalling.”

~ We have just upgraded the server storage capacity for SFN Radio! We now have TRIPLE the capacity, and will be able to add much more music to the playlist which is currently 7 hours long. New songs have been added recently as well, including the remainder os Sin Dizzy’s “He’s Not Dead” CD, Steve Murphy’s instrumental version of “Sing-Along-Song”, and Deliverance’s version of “Surrender”! If there is something you want to hear, or if you have something that we may be interested in adding to the station, please drop us an e-mail.
All of this has been made possible by your donations, THANK YOU! If anyone would like to support this station, please use the SFN Radio link directly above for more information.

~ The Weekly Top 15 Tracks on SFN are now posted here. They will first play tonight at 10pm PST, and will repeat Saturday at 12 and 6pm PST. Also, more new songs were just added, and even more are on the way! Listen Now!

~ The Weekly Top 15 Tracks on SFN are now posted here. They will first play tonight at 10pm PST, and will repeat Saturday at 12 and 6pm PST.
~ Don’t forget that now has a new Spanish lanuage discussion room!

~ now has a Spanish Discussion Room! If you are a Spanish speaking fan, head over and check it out!
~SFN Radio Weekly Top 15 will now kick off on Friday nights, repeating twice on Saturdays. Click on the SFN Radio logo above for more info, or click HERE to begin listening now! We are listener supported, if you like what you hear, please consider making a donation to help keep us on the air.

~ The Weekly Top 15 Tracks on SFN Radio have just been posted! Click on the SFN Radio logo above to view them. They will be broadcast today at 12pm and 6pm PST, in a  random order. CLICK HERE TO BEGIN LISTENING!
~Another “fake” Michael Sweet guitar has surfaced on eBay. Click HERE to be taken directly to the thread on for more information.

~ Our new Exclusive Interview with Robert Sweet has now been posted in the VIP Room Come read it and leave your feedback! Thanks to Robert for answering all the questions and to Terry for making it work!
~ Have a Fun and Safe 4th of July, and dont forget, Michael Sweet will also be celebrating his 41st birthday on the 4th! Happy Birthday Mike!

~ We have been working around the clock the past few days, and have dramatically increased the sound qualtity on SFN Radio! You will really notice the difference if you are listening to the MP3Pro version of the stream. If you haven’t listened yet, you are missing out!
~ Michael Sweet has posted some information about the new solo album that he has been working on. To view the thread, please visit

~ The Current Top 15 Tracks on SFN RADIO have now been posted. Click on the SFN RADIO logo above for more information. The Top  Tracks each week will be broadcast in a special hour-long segment every Saturday at 12 and 7pm PST (In a random order). These ranking are based solely on listener votes.
~ A new Stryper Live Highlight reel was posted yesterday at Check it out!
~Blissed has recently secured an endorsement with Monster energy drinks! Stay tuned for more info on this, and many more big things hapenning for Blissed.

~ is shut down until further notice, per
~ Don’t forget to tune in to SFN RADIO tomorrow night at 7pm PST to hear the No Stranger Re-Broadcast! Thanks to The Tour Bus and Electric Basement for plugging SFN RADIO!

~ If you were one of the many who tuned in to SFN RADIO last night, you were able to hear the 7 Unreleased tracks recorded by one of Tim Gaines’ Post-Stryper bands, NO STRANGER.  The songs have now gone into regular rotation, and you can still hear them. But, for those of you that missed them all together the first time around, we will be re-broadcasting all 7 songs together this Friday night at 7pm PST. The songs will play for one hour. Please take a minute to e-mail Tim Gaines, and thank him for supporting our efforts by sending us this Unreleased material!

~ Tune in to SFN RADIO Tonight at 7pm PST to hear the Unveiling of 7 Un-Released songs by a “Mystery Band” from the personal vault of Tim Gaines!
The songs run approximately 34 minutes, but will play from 7pm-8pm PST! So, if you’re a little late, you’ll be ok, some of the first songs will repeat. Do NOT miss this!
After tonight the songs will be added into regular rotation.

~ SFN RADIO launched Friday evening with great success! We had 171 listeners from the USA and other countries; including Canada, Sweden, Puerto Rico, & The Netherlands. Today we also added TWO more tracks to the Main Playlist. Both tracks feature Robert Sweet on drums, and were taken from the Shameless – Backstreet Anthems CD. The tracks are:Strange Dayz Hard Dayz Night. Hard Dayz Night also features Stevie Rachelle of Tuff & Motley Priest on Vocals and Tracii Guns of LA Guns & Brides Of Destruction of Guitar! Most of you have Never heard these songs, or didn’t know they exist…so Listen NOW!

~SFN RADIO officially launches today! Click HERE to be taken to the broadcast page. We have a special hour-long kick-off playlist that will be broadacst at 7PM pst tonight; before it goes to the regular broadcast playlist. So, head over and register, and bookmark the URL. Check in early, as we will be turning on the broadcast before 7pm.

~ The official launch date for SFN RADIO is Friday June 18th! Please take this time to head over to to register. Registering is fast, easy, and free and will allow you to rate songs as they play, as well as rate the station overall.
~We are not sure what it is going to be yet, but we will kick off the broadcast with a Special Hour-Long segment. If you would like to make a song request, please email us via the link above. We will have a Special Request Segment playing every Saturday night! Get Ready!

~ SFN Radio is is progressing smoothly. We are hoping to launch very soon. For more information, click on the SFN Radio logo above.

~ Reviews of “7 Weeks” have been posted @ and
If you find a review on the new live CD, please send it to us.
~ SFN Radio is coming along very well. The playlist will consist of Stryper, Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Blissed, Sin Dizzy, as well as Stryper covers by bands like Guardian, Disciple, Nailed, and also some tracks featuing members of Stryper from bands like 7 Hours Later, Mars Hill, Titanic and more! We will be hopefully be launching the stream Friday night, this week or next. Stay Tuned!

~ We are trying to get SFN Radio up on the air. We are going to host a streaming audio feed playing nothing but Stryper 24 hours a day!  The stream will also include occasion songs from band members side projects. If you support this idea, and would like to make a small donation, please CLICK HERE.
All donations of $20 or more will receive a Stryper Fan Network sticker that is available from the SFN Store.
* This will be a strictly streamed feed, meaning you will NOT be able to download any of the tracks being played.

~ Stryper included on VH1’s “100 Most Metal Moments” at # 91. View The Complete List
The show will be re-airing tonight at 9pm. Check you local listing for local times.

~ “7 Weeks: Live In America, 2003″ is # 4 on Billboards current chart for Top Internet Sales.
CLICK HERE to see the list.

~ Special Blissed CHAT – Tonight Only! Join us at the Blissed Message Boards tonight @ 7PM PST/10PM EST to chat with members of Blissed! When you get there, click on the “Join Live Chat” text link  near the top of the page. Only registered users can acess the Chat feature. If you are not yet a registered EZBoard member, please register ahead of time. We recommend registering a GLOBAL account. That way, after you join us in the Blissed Chat tonight, you will be able to join us more often at both the Blissed Message Boards, as well as with only one user name/password. If you register with a local account, it will only allow you access to the Blissed Message Boards.
See YOU There!

~ NEW Interview with Phil Sweet posted in the Features section! Read it and then leave some feedback…
~ “7 Weeks: Live in America, 2003″ is now available for download at MusicMatch, andiTunes! OR, click on the album cover above to orders yours online.

~ STRYPER “7 Weeks: Live In America, 2003″ is NOW IN STORES! Reviews are starting to be posted by fellow fans at If you have already the disc, drop by and let the rest of the world know what you think!

~ STRYPER “7 Weeks:Live In America, 2003″ hits a store near you tomorrow! Stryper.comhas just posted 6 minute-long clips from the Live CD. (Soldiers Under Command, Makes Me Wanna Sing,  Reach Out, The Way, Honestly & Winter Wonderland).  Also posted on is a new interview with producer/engineer, Kenny Lewis. The new, re-designed should be back up soon.
~ All of you that pre-ordered the Stryper Live CD should have it in the mail soon, if not already. Orders were being shipped last week. So, when you get it, head over to start posting you reviews!

~ Listen to a FULL MP3 clip of “Honestly” taken from the upcoming live STRYPER CD!
Click HERE to listen. This is a legitimate MP3 taken from the website of one of the distributors of the CD, not a bootlegged MP3. Enjoy! (apparently, after posting this MP3 link, this MP3 was changed to be only 27 seconds! sorry)

~ Only ONE WEEK  left until the NEW STRYPER CD “7 Weeks:Live In America 2003″ hits a store near you. You can either click on the CD cover above to be taken directly to the Official Stryper Merch page OR, if you would like to know what retail outlets will be carrying the CD, we have a few links for those too! Here are four of them:
~ BEST BUY Price: $14.99  Other: Full Info & 30 second song clips (low-quality)
~ WHEREHOUSE Price: $13.58  Other:  Minimal Information Listed
~ FYE Price: $11.99  Other: Minimal Information Listed
~ SAM GOODY (Media Play as well)  Price: $16.98  Other: Minimal Information Listed
~ We are currently taking questions for an interview with Phil Sweet, Michael and Roberts father. If you would like to submit a question, please head over to Questions will be taken until Friday, May 14th.
~We have added an event calendar to the site to keep you all up to date on any Stryper Related happenings! Click HERE to check it out!

~ A new interview with Robert Sweet and David Pearson of Blissed is now onine at A few of the questions were submitted by members.
Read It Now!
Blissed will be back on the road later this week. Check for all the info.

~ As many of you already know, Stryper will be performing LIVE at DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida on September 10th. Click on the “Stryper at DisneyWorld” image above to be taken directly to the official event page for all of the details and ticketing information.
~ Only 10 more days until Stryper “7 Weeks:Live In America 2003″ hits stores! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, click on the CD cover above to be taken to the official order page.

~ Our Chat Room @ is now back online!

~ The migration of the Message Board Server is now complete, and we are back up and running!   …finally…

~ update –  Maintenance is still being performed on our Message Board Server. It is expected to be back up after 9am PDT.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

~ We now have a slightly new look here at Feel free to let us know what you think.
~ Robert Sweet and Blissed will be on the road to a town near you, beginning next week. Keep checking for all the details. Their is also a Blissed Tour Date thread
~ Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the LIVE Stryper Album, 7 Weeks :Live In America 2003. You can click on the album cover above to be taken directly to the order page. The album will hit stores on May 18th, and will feature a few live photos by our own Rich Gardner.
~ is still growing everyday.  It is fast approaching ONE MILLION  visits! Thanks to all of you who participate, and keep spreading the word! You Guys Rock!

~ Blissed announces first set of US. Tour Dates! Starting in late April, Blissed will be rocking in the U.S.! For all the up to date information, please see!

~ Michael Sweet is selling THREE of his personal guitars! That’s right, Mike has listed three of his guitars on eBay! Guitar(s) will be autographed upon request. They are 7 day auctions, and began today. Auctions end on 3.29.14. VIEW THEM NOW !  Good Luck!

~ New Exclusive OZ FOX Interview is now online at in the VIP Section.
Thanks to Oz, and SFN Moderator, Layla for putting this together; Also, to those of you who submitted questions.

~ Release date for LIVE Stryper CD Announced! MAY 18, 2004! If you would like to see this CD in YOUR local music store, please print out THIS PRESS SHEET, and take it to your local music store and tell them to order STRYPER “7 Weeks: Live In America“!
~ We just added a small selection of vintage Stryper Photos to the Images page. If you have any classic photos lying around and would like to submit them for use in this gallery, please send them to in .jpeg format only!
~ We have received more photos for the Fan Photos section. We are currently re-arranging it and it will be back online soon.

~ NOW ONLINE…10 photos from the In-store appearance in Puerto Rico on 3.4.14!
Thanks to “redmetal73″ for sending them in! They are in the Fan Photos section of theImages Page.
The concert is TONIGHT! If you will be there, have a blast and make sure to drop to let us that couldn’t be there know how it went.
Stryper is also filming tonights concert for the LIVE DVD to be released later this year.

~ NEW WALLPAPERS JUST ADDED ! Yes, we finally re-created some exclusive Stryper Fan Network WallPapers! There are 4 New Wallpapers, each featuring a different member of Stryper! They are in the Downloads section, simply select the size of your choice and save.

~ STRYPER – 7 Weeks : Live In America 2003, the LIVE CD from the fall 2003 tour is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER at or click HERE to be taken directly to the Order Form. Release is scheduled for May 2004! Order now for only $14.99. The first 500 copies will be autographed by the band!

~ The results are in! The Stryper Fan Network Contest February Contest Winner is……
NOONE. Absolutely NOONE got all 4 answers to the 4 trivia questions correct this time. This is a first. Better luck next time!

~ The February Stryper Fan Network Contest is now Online ! Please visit StryperForum.comfor all contest Information.
Deadline for entry: Midnight PST, February 14, 2004
~New Exclusive Interview posted! Our interview with Normandy drummer, Steve Lamb, is now posted at in the VIP Section. It will be posted here as well in the near future. Steve is also cousin to Robert and Michael Sweet!

~ At the request of Robert Sweet, we have posted a photo of Robert  with his new daughter Trinity Lee Sweet. You can view the photo HERE.

~ The Features section has just been updated with our Exclusive Interviews with Strypers Tour manager, Jonathin Harris, and Irene Kelly, wife of Tim Gaines. At the end of the interviews there is a link to their thread @ where you can discuss the interviews.

~ Congratulations to Robert and Starri Sweet on the birth of their new daughter, Trinity Lee Sweet!